The Night she Met the Marquess by Violet Hamers (ePUB)

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The Night she Met the Marquess (Gentlemen of Sin #3) by Violet Hamers – Free eBooks Download


“I want you to pretend to be the woman I am courting.”

Grace would do anything for her best friend. Even pose as an American heiress to meet a man she wishes to avoid. Only, she never expected that her provocative manner would entice him. Or worse, that he would wish to court her.
Devlin Agernon, the Marquess of Anglesey, lives on a knife’s edge. And while his double life of danger could pose a threat to anyone that gets too close, he finds himself unable to resist the only woman who can satisfy his tastes. Until…
Angry to discover that he has been deceived, Devlin demands compensation. Grace is to pretend to be his betrothed and spend time with him whenever he pleases. But with danger lurking in the shadows, she is soon to discover why being too close to Devlin is no different than risking her own life…

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