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The Net (Rochester Riot #6) by Colleen Charles – Free eBooks Download


I always put it in the net…

Since being traded to the Rochester Riot, I’m known as the big guy with the heart of gold.
My opponents come after me fast and hard, while fair weather fans play armchair quarterback about my talent or lack thereof.
But they don’t judge me for the way I look like they do to Phoebe. Her haunted eyes tell me that she thinks guys like me don’t go for girls like her.
Chubby. Thick. Plus-sized. Whatever slurs she endures, she stuffs that down – which makes her shove me squarely in the friend zone.
She has a million reasons why we won’t work, which is why I’d rather be more than a friend – proving how much I want her with my mouth, my body, and all the filthy words she longs to hear.
From the moment I lay eyes on her I know that I’m going to fall hard, so when a predator targets her, he dares me to cross the line.
You see, I already consider Phoebe mine and what belongs to me… I protect that with my life.
Even if I destroy my career in the process.

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