The Nanny and the Heartthrob by Krista Sandor (ePUB)

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The Nanny and the Heartthrob (Nanny Love Match #4) by Krista Sandor – Free eBooks Download


Things couldn’t get worse for Harper Presley. Her music career is nonexistent, she’s got pennies in the bank, and her grandmother is on the cusp of losing her house.
What’s a gal to do? Go to Vegas and seek a last chance opportunity.
What she didn’t expect was to wake up in her birthday suit next to pop star Landon Paige with a massive diamond on her ring finger.
It was supposed to be one night of wild recklessness.
But what happened in Vegas didn’t stay there. Now they have to fake it until they bake it.
That’s right, bake it.
They’ve been roped into competing in a reality baking contest for couples at the exact moment Landon takes custody of his spitfire of a niece.
The man requires a real nanny and a fake wife, and she needs the contest’s prize money to keep her grandmother’s house from getting repossessed.
It’s a business arrangement. She can’t give in to a smooth-voiced crooner strumming a guitar.
She’s not about to let another musician break her heart.
Still, when the spotlight fades and Landon drinks her in with his soulful brown eyes, she gets a glimpse of the man who might be more than a self-centered celebrity.

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