The Naked Alien by Honey Phillips (ePUB)

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The Naked Alien (Exposed to the Elements #1) by Honey Phillips – Free eBooks Download


Can Jane survive alone on an alien planet? And is she really alone?

Jane has no interest in the great outdoors. She prefers her comfortable bed, her books, and all the conveniences of modern life. So when she wakes up alone and naked in what appears to be an alien jungle, her only goal is to find her way home.
The question of whether or not she’s alone is answered when a massive stranger comes to her rescue. Her savior is big and growly and he doesn’t speak her language – but the heat in his eyes doesn’t need translation…

Commander Taraxan’s people may have mastered advanced technology, but they have never forgotten their primitive roots. So when he wakes up naked and weaponless on an unknown planet, he is annoyed but not alarmed.
As he searches for a way to return to his civilization, he discovers a strange, pale female blundering around the jungle. Oblivious to the hazards surrounding her, she is clumsy, helpless… and completely adorable. As an honorable warrior, he has no choice but to protect her – but he doesn’t expect the task to be so rewarding…

Can two complete opposites survive the jungle – and their sizzling attraction to one another? And what possible future awaits a human woman and an alien commander who are both determined to return to their own worlds?

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