The Naga Scavenger’s Precious Mate by Robin O’Connor (ePUB)

naga scavenger's mate, robin o'connor

The Naga Scavenger’s Precious Mate (Serpents of Serant #5) by Robin O’Connor – Free eBooks Download


He is the king of beasts, the lord of water, and I’m his captive mate.

Underwater, what it is up can seem like down. I’m supposed to be dead, I’m supposed to be just a normal, boring daycare worker. Somehow, I’m stuck in the middle of a bizarre, nightmarish adventure.
And then there is him. I’m not attracted to him with a burning intensity. No, it’s just a fever from nearly drowning. Never to him.
He is feral and dangerous. Everything I’m not, and we don’t even speak the same language. He courts me like I’m meant to be his. Gifts, touches, passion… Who can resist that?

I’m supposed to be a loner. I am a collector, and deviant in my desire to have company, even if they are just the stray animals I find and heal. Then I find her and everything changes.
Beautiful Farah deserves everything I have to give her and so much more. I must convince her that I am worthy to be her male. Each day in her presence I struggle with my instincts to claim, to dominate, to own her body and her heart.
When evil finds us in my den, a place that should have been safe, nothing can stop me from saving her. Not my grave injuries, not allies who think they mean well, and definitely not the evil that lurks beneath my mountain.
Farah is mine, and I will claim her.

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