The Mysterious Lord Ballantine by Maggi Andersen (ePUB)

mysterious lord ballantine, maggi andersen

The Mysterious Lord Ballantine (Improper Ladies #1) by Maggi Andersen – Free eBooks Download


Lady Diana plans to take a lover and has found the perfect, albeit reluctant, gentleman. She needs him to assist her in a perilous quest. He sees the road ahead fraught with danger but finds her difficult to resist.

When Lady Diana Stafford saves the Earl of Ballantine from highwaymen’s attack on his coach, a chance meeting leads to a diverting friendship with the earl the following London Season. However, this Season, Diana faces a deadline. Her father considers his fiery daughter troublesome and plans to marry Diana to the man of his choice.

Diana has other ideas. Take a lover, and she could have lovely memories of romance before a dull marriage. Those plans become secondary, though, when she hears that her dearest friend has been kidnapped. Everyone believes that the marquess’s daughter has been killed—except Diana. But she requires a gentleman to help her search for her friend. Who better than Lord Ballantine? There’s more to the gentleman than meets the eye—and Diana is certain he desires her.

Damian Beaufort, Earl of Ballantine, works for the Crown. He wishes to continue his dangerous missions, which makes having a wife and family impossible. In pursuit of a spy loose in London who has stolen documents meant for English forces in Spain, Damian could find his life in danger. He must resist the lady he wants very much.

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