The Monster’s Desire by Jillian West (ePUB)

monster's bride, jillian west

The Monster’s Desire (Monstrous World #3) by Jillian West – Free eBooks Download


The picturesque town of North Falls is as beautiful as it is deadly.

When Nadia is called to help deliver a human woman’s little elven babies, she knows she can’t say no. After all, she’s masquerading as a fertility witch since blood witches were hunted out of existence several generations ago.
But North Falls isn’t like any other sanctuary city Nadia has been to and the differences are enough to make her blood boil.
Haven is run by decent monsters, but a corrupt council with an agenda of their own leads North Falls. The ward around their town is failing and they aren’t above compelling the witch to their bidding.
Everything will have to fall into place for her to survive the trip. Unfortunately for Nadia, her luck has never been all that great. Add in a rogue alpha wolf, a council-appointed vampire guard who would be more accurately described as a spy, and a couple of demons from her past and it looks like she might just have a fighting chance.
Well, until the council ups the ante that is. Will her newfound protectors be enough to keep her alive? Or will they run when they learn her secrets?

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