The Mob and his Messenger by Flora Ferrari (ePUB)

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The Mob and his Messenger by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


An explosion brings us together.

I’ve been working for the Italian Mob as a messenger – a job my dad got me – when I make a fatal error. I tell people that my boss is Domenico DeLuca, and now the Irish are out to kill me.
When I accidentally deliver a bomb package to Domenico, he saves mine and my beloved dog’s life. Poppet and I may be safe from the bomb, but when this suave handsome alpha stares at me, I feel like I’m standing in an even greater inferno.
He claims me. You’re mine now. Everything you do, everything you are, it belongs to me.
He tells me I’ll be the perfect mother to his children. Our lust erupts like the package bomb, primal, carnal, and irrepressible.
As we start to bond, I think maybe everything will be fine, maybe I’ll get my storybook ending after all. But life is never that simple.
My dad is Gabriel Smith, Dom’s consigliere, and they grew up together. I have no idea what he’ll say when he finds out.
I’m a twenty year old wannabe-writer virgin (with curves to boot!), and Dom is … well, Dom. He’s a forty-two year old seven foot hunk with a jawline that could cut ice and the most intense eyes I’ve ever seen.
Oh, and there are also people out to kill us, sadistic, cunning people who aren’t above using what we care about most against us.
All I can do is hold onto Dom and Poppet and fight for the life I think we deserve. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

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