The Mistress Deal by Alison L Robson (ePUB)

mistress deal, alison l robson

The Mistress Deal by Alison L Robson – Free eBooks Download


What would you do to save the ones you love?

Rose Sommers has been helping her brother Liam with his gambling debts for way too long. But this time he’s gambled on something that will change her life forever.
Handsome billionaire, Nathan Davenport is Liam’s boss. When Liam steals one of Nathan’s prized luxury cars and sells it to pay off a gambling debt, Nathan shows up at his house with his two ‘henchmen’ ready for payback.
With Liam’s wife visiting her parents, Rose decides to go and check up on her older brother. The scene she walks in on chills her to her bones.
In order to save her brother from jail, or even death, she makes a deal with Liam’s handsome boss to become his mistress in exchange for her brother’s life.
Rose is terrified of Nathan and the things he wants from her, but she refuses to let him see just how scared she is. Even when he takes control of her life.
But as time goes on Rose realises that Nathan isn’t everything he seems to be.
Can these enemies ever become lovers? Or will Nathan’s dark side destroy any chance of a happily ever after?

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