The Misplaced Warrior by Sarah Noffke (ePUB)

misplaced warrior, sarah noffke

The Misplaced Warrior (The First Beaufont #3) by Sarah Noffke, Michael Anderle – Free eBooks Download


Gen Beaufont has quickly made some powerful enemies.

The Commissioner of Los Angeles wants her dead.
Since killing her might get him in trouble, he’s decided to resort to other means.
When Gen is framed for a crime she didn’t commit, she finds herself in a dangerous game.
Not only does she have to prove her innocence, but she’s got to dig up evidence on the Commissioner—showing that he’s the villain behind all the major crimes in Los Angeles. But Charlie Sloane is already one step ahead, planning the biggest attack on the city yet.
Gen has to get out of jail.
She needs to clear her name.
And then, this medieval warrior must discover the truth.
What she learns will change everything. She won’t know who to trust, but she will need help to stop the Commissioner for good.
Can Gen Beaufont expose the mastermind behind the corruption and save Los Angeles from the brink of chaos?
Or will the criminals lurking in the shadows take over, unleashing an evil so rampant that it could consume not just the city, but the entire world?

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