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The Mirror (Dark Spirits Fairytale #1) by S.J. Sanders – Free eBooks Download


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all….said no one ever.

Isabella Norveau was the daughter of a sorceress. Growing up, she learned the magic of her mother in their villa high in the mountains. Though she had everything she could ever desire, Isabella desired love over power. It was for this reason that she disobeyed her mother and eloped with a visiting king when she was only sixteen, only to find her dreams broken by a man who pined for his deceased wife, incapable of loving her. After a few years of suffering a loveless marriage, he eventually passed, and upon his death Isabella became guardian of his twelve-year-old daughter whom she’d loved like a sister and set above all others in her affections.

Ruling her kingdom with icy control and compassion, Isabella refused courtiers and turned away noble men who desired to woo her. She allowed no man to get close to her. So, it passed day after day, until she received from her a mother a very special gift…a mirror with a spirit dwelling within it who sets her ablaze. Confronted with her own passions, her world is thrown into chaos. It is only surmounted when her stepdaughter goes missing from the castle with her trusted huntsman. As everything comes crashing down around her, Isabella must find the courage to embrace a love with the one being who is most dangerous, and yet also the only one able to help her find her stepdaughter.

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