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The Mirror (The Carte Blanche) by Lore Townsend – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes what you see is not what you get…

Charlie may be the manager of the kink club Ropes and frequent an underground, members-only erotic performance venue, but he’s definitely the guy you’d take home to Sunday dinner. Assuming you had a home with a family who hosted Sunday dinners. That’s something Charlie grew up with, but not Gabby.
Gabby is a “me against the world” kinda gal. She has been hiding behind her killer wardrobe, sequined stage outfits, and sassy attitude for so long, she’s almost forgotten who the real Gabby is. The soft, quiet, Gabby who loves to read and wants nothing more than a safe home and someone to love. That version of Gabby would never make it in the real world.
When the two lock arms at the airport for what Gabby assumes will be a weekend fling, Charlie sees right through the mask to the woman underneath. He wants to get to know the real Gabby, but his “nice guy” past is concealing scars of his own.
When his traumas flare up at the most inopportune moment, will Gabby let him walk away? Or will looking in the mirror with Charlie change her life forever?

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