The Minotaur’s Motivation by Safia Nyx (ePUB)

minotaur's motivation, safia nyx

The Minotaur’s Motivation (Fated Inmates #1) by Safia Nyx – Free eBooks Download


I won’t allow myself to fall in love with a monster criminal, even if they are my “fated mate”.

I haven’t felt safe since… well lets just say, for a long time.
Now I’m working in this grimy, maze of a prison as a therapist, with no idea how to escape. I’m just as trapped as the prisoners.
On top of everything I’ve just been assigned this huge Minotaur hybrid. The biggest and most aggressive client I’ve had yet. A murderer. I hope I can handle him.

There’s no redemption for monsters like me.
Hybrid. Outcast. Killer.
I gave up on hope a long time ago. I want to do my time in peace and stay in control of my Minotaur side. But when I see her, one word resounds in my mind.
Now she is all that matters. I won’t let anyone hurt her. Not the past that haunts her, the monster hating guards or the other inmates. Even if that means letting the worst side of myself out to play.

Fated Inmates is a series of novellas about morally grey monsters with dark pasts and the human women they are fated to claim. Each book can be read alone, but they happen in the same time frame, in the same prison. So you will get the best experience if you read them all in order.

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