The Mayor’s Surrender by C.M. Steele (ePUB)

mayor's surrender, cm steele

The Mayor’s Surrender (Sweet Temptation Bay #2) by C.M. Steele – Free eBooks Download


Tropical Storm Gretchen wasn’t the only powerful force washing over Sweet Temptation Bay. Mayor Brook Payne knew a more formidable one was taking over him — obsession. However, he was a man who had a considerable amount of control and dedication. After all, he’d been an admiral in the Navy at a very young age before retiring early due to an injury.
His control and determination held on by a thread the longer he worked side by side with Taylor, especially during the catastrophic weather. She was more than just his assistant. She was special and yet so forbidden.
Taylor Phillips had enough of her boss. If she hadn’t needed to see him every day, she would have quit. Her quiet crush was almost driving her as mad as Mayor Payne did. With the storm having blown through, there were strong men fixing the town, including her hot boss, who suddenly decided to flex his muscles. She wasn’t sure she could hide her feelings anymore. Would he want her, or was it the adrenaline of the storm bringing out his possessive side?

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