The Marquess’ Wicked Wager by Harriet Caves (ePUB)

marquess' wicked wager, harriet caves

The Marquess’ Wicked Wager by Harriet Caves – Free eBooks Download


“I would never win my wife in a game of cards. Unless, of course, that was merely the first step of many.”

Not even her status as “Diamond of the Season” is enough to protect Lady Edna from her father’s ambition. And although experiencing pleasure used to be atop her list, a lecherous Duke’s hands on her is not what she had in mind.
The Marquess of Remington can never forgive what his father did to his mother. Or to the rest of his respective wives. So when he finds out that his father intends to lay his claws on a debutante, Albert cannot resist saving her.
After gambling his own estate in exchange for her hand, Albert expected Edna’s gratitude instead of her scorn. But his father is a sore loser. And she will soon know that it will take more than a game of cards to keep him at bay. This time, Albert will have to bet his own heart to save her…

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