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I’m a put together girl — the one with an immaculate planner and anything a friend could ever need in her purse. But when it comes to dating? Yikes.

My love life has always been a mess. At my best, I’ve made a fool of myself. At my worst, I’ve kicked a guy in the face after he tried to suck my toes. And no, nothing good happened before that either. I need an expert, fast, before I blow it with my crush, Michael, or lose my mind from my family reminding me of how single I am.
I stumble on the perfect candidate: my brother’s best friend, Vasya. He’s always been aloof and intimidating, but he tutored me in pre-calc. Why can’t he tutor me in dating? He’s gorgeous, straightforward, and never has to try hard to get a woman’s attention.
When I’m forced to move into his apartment for two months while mine gets repaired, he shows me the ropes of getting exactly what I want. The more advice he gives me, the more I fall for the sweet, thoughtful guy underneath his rough exterior. He’s the last person I should be with — he doesn’t do serious relationships when all I want is a boyfriend, and if something goes wrong between us, the aftershocks will ripple through our tight knit families.
When my lessons get physical, my heart is more lost than ever. Should I stick to my lesson plan, or take a risk?

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