The Love Penalty by Stef C.R. (ePUB)

love penalty, stef cr

The Love Penalty (Grand Marquee Manticores #1) by Stef C.R. – Free eBooks Download


It’s hard to be a woman in the NHL, especially in one of the most hated positions. Olivia’s dream is to be a referee, and to get there she’ll need to work hard, stay focused, and be free of any distractions, especially ones with blue eyes and easy smiles that won’t leave her alone.
This might be Robbie’s last season of professional hockey and he wants it to be his best one yet. He’s well liked amongst his teammates, crew, and officials, but there’s a new face among the crowd that he can’t forget about. Referee #13. She’s feisty and prickly and wants nothing to do with him. So naturally, Robbie is determined to befriend her.
When the line between friendship and love starts to blur, they both need to consider what giving in might mean for them. Will distance and work get in the way, or can they compromise and find a way to be together?

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