The Lost by Stella Craig (ePUB)

lost, stella craig

The Lost (Live and Let Live #2) by Stella Craig – Free eBooks Download


Lola survived the last act of her painful past. Cole lost the one thing he never hoped to have. The undead still surrounds them, and there’s a new threat on the horizon. Can they survive the next treacherous chapter long enough to consummate their feelings?
With the help of her long-lost crush Cole, Lola Jenkins made it through the emergence of the zombie apocalypse. This despite the horrors that awaited them, both undead and human. Now that she’s free of the shackles of her past, Lola’s ready to grab happiness with both hands.
Cole faced his greatest fear and lost. But if he gives in, he dies, and that’s not an option. With Lola by his side though, he’s slowly coming out of his broody shell.
Together, they’re fighting to live in this treacherous new world but the apocalypse brings more than just the slavering, ever-hungry undead, and now they’re faced with a threat they could never have imagined.
Lola’s faith is tested. Cole’s honor is tarnished. Can they escape the newest tyranny or fall to the megalomaniac waiting in the wings to make them pay?

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