The Long Con by Gemma Nicholls (ePUB)

long con, gemma nicholls

The Long Con (The Fayette Bay #1) by Gemma Nicholls – Free eBooks Download


It’s the longest con of his career. But will she prove to be worth more than the payday?

Silas Knight is a master of the con. But when he’s suddenly thrust onto a dangerous path set by his cunning boss, Desmond Rose, everything he thought he knew falls away. His challenge is simple–to make Jessica Morton, daughter of Desmond’s sworn enemy, fall in love with him–but as their ‘love story’ unravels, Silas finds himself in over his head more than ever before.
Unprepared for the depths of Jessica’s enchanting personality and lyrical laugh, Silas finds himself drawn into uncharted emotional territory. He plays the role of a suitor masterfully, all the while being blindsided by the awakening of his own hidden desires. The lines between the con and true affection blur, and Silas must confront his own emotions while keeping up the delicate pretence.

But with Desmond on his heels and an overbearing father watching over them, Silas must make the ultimate decision–will he succumb to the treacherous game he plays, or will love prove to be the ultimate wildcard?

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