The Lightning Dragon’s Mate by Zoe Chant (ePUB)

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The Lightning Dragon’s Mate (Hideaway Cove #3) by Zoe Chant – Free eBooks Download


Lightning dragon Apollo has always known he’s broken

On the surface, Apollo’s life is perfect: Great friends, great job, and a great life in Hideaway Cove, the secret town where shifters are safe to live as their true selves.
Inside, Apollo lacks the one thing that matters the most: a mate, and the hoard he needs in order to claim her.
When human Felicity comes to town, he knows she’s the one. But without a hoard, he can’t protect her from the evil magic attacking the town.
Felicity didn’t know dragons existed until one saved her life
Golden-eyed Apollo is everything Felicity never knew she wanted—except she can’t have him.
Felicity isn’t in Hideaway Cove by chance. She’s a spy, sent to uncover the town’s secrets. And what could be a bigger secret than the existence of dragons?
Felicity can’t endanger Apollo—or the adorable baby dragon seeking sanctuary in Hideaway. But if her boss finds out she’s switched allegiances, he’ll turn her life into a living nightmare. Hideaway Cove has been a safe haven for generations of shifters. When that haven is betrayed, it will take a magic no one has ever seen before to save them.

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