The Librarian’s Curse by P.L. Harris (ePUB)

librarian's curse, pl harris

The Librarian’s Curse (Little Creek Romance Mystery #1) by P.L. Harris – Free eBooks Download


Could the drive to solve a century old mystery lead to an untimely death?

Little Creek Librarian, LILY KEEGAN discovers a dragon-shaped, jewelled pendant with a ruby centre hidden in a 12th century book. Against Head librarian, Carmen’s advice, she wears the pendant which could prove to be the biggest mistake of her life when it sets in motion a string of life-threatening near misses. Fireman and Thor look alike, BRAYDEN FLETCHER makes split-second decisions every day of his life. Struggling to recover from a traumatic event; a death in a house fire he couldn’t prevent, Brayden seeks solace with his mother’s dear friend, Carmen on the other side of the country. As far away from his mistakes as possible.

Believing the pendant is the century old Cursed Dragon, Lily’s every effort to avoid disaster is failing. When her best friend is kidnapped and held at ransom for the ruby, Brayden is the only one she can trust. Using Lily’s historical knowledge to their advantage, Lily and Brayden must race against time to expose the truth and prevent a tragedy.

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