The Last Whistle by Jamie Bennett (ePUB)

last whistle, jamie bennett

The Last Whistle by Jamie Bennett – Free eBooks Download


Hallie and Gunnar just don’t get off on the right foot.

There may be a question if either of Hallie’s feet are right, based on the number of times she trips and falls over them. But certainly, pegging a guy with a rock (like she does when she first encounters Gunnar Christensen) isn’t a great way to begin a relationship. It was by mistake, ok?

Despite this beginning, Gunnar wants a cordial friendship with her, his new neighbor. When she next gives him a right jab in the eye (by mistake!), this seems even more unlikely.
But, friendship, sure—that’s a good goal, and it’s also all that Hallie wants from the big, beautiful professional football player who lives next door. Sure, that’s all anyone would want with a guy like Gunnar, someone so sweet, and considerate, and gorgeous, and…
And she can barely keep herself from grabbing him, in a more than friendly way. That’s beside the point.

The point is, Hallie has a lot to do to keep her own game plan running. Between tutoring a teenager who hates her, a best friend making poor life choices, her career in the dumpster, and her house falling down around her ears, she has enough to keep track of. Gunnar Christensen and his problems aren’t her concern.
But at the end of the game, it’s the people standing with you who matter the most. And there’s Gunnar on her team—and Hallie is definitely on his. Getting to the moment when the last whistle blows won’t be easy, but true love never is…

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