The Last Hunt by Abby Grayson (ePUB)

last hunt, abby grayson

The Last Hunt (The Guild of Two Roses #1) by Abby Grayson – Free eBooks Download


When two space bounty hunters with a complicated history face off in a race to capture a notorious smuggler, nothing is off the table.

MAEVE BLADESBEARER has been immersed in the criminal world for fifteen years as a bounty hunter for the Guild of Two Roses. Murder, kidnapping, thievery – Maeve has seen it all, and made a name for herself in the process. But all she really wants is to buy a plot of land on a remote planet and peacefully retire. When a bounty worth six million credits pops up, Maeve knows this is what she’s been waiting for. The only problem is, she’ll have to beat every other hunter out there – including irritating, charming, Aethon Trell – a man she’s been unable to get out of her head since they spent one desperate night together four years ago.
AETHON TRELL is in a bit of trouble. Though he’s one of the Guild of Two Roses’ best hunters, he’s hit a dry spell and his debts are racking up. A six million credit bounty would solve all of his problems – but Maeve Bladesbearer won’t get out of his way. Aethon needs this bounty if he wants to stay in the Guild of Two Roses, but he’s going to have to screw over the woman who haunts his dreams in order to get it.
When Maeve and Aethon are forced together, sparks fly as they face danger, contend with two sassy AIs, confront their pasts, and try not to fall for each other all while hunting down what might be the last bounty of their lives.

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