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The Last First Look (The Do-Over Pact #3) by Rocklyn Ryder – Free eBooks Download


Six months ago my girlfriends and I agreed to reseal our hymens until we came across someone we wouldn’t regret sleeping with.
I hate to say it might have been my idea…I have a history of being too spontaneous.
I don’t want to add another notch to my bed post and I sure don’t want to add one that I’m just going to regret later.
This do-over pact of ours is a big deal to me, it’s a chance to establish an authentic bond with a guy before we get to the bed room.

But all bets are off when I meet Trevor:
Is my impulsive nature just going to lead to another regret? Or will Trevor end up showing me what the do-over pact is really all about?
Bottomless mimosas, bitchfests, and brunch.
That’s what we do on Sunday mornings.
The Lakeside Laundry & Boat Dock Cafe is the quirky sort of place you’d expect to find in a much trendier city like Seattle or Portland– or at least some place that actually had a lake.
But no. There’s no lake, no laundry, and no boat dock but there is a pretty damn good cafe…
Welcome to Landsburg and five girlfriends who make a pact to step back, slow down, and get a do-over on their dating history.
From here on out, they’re saving themselves for someone special.

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