The Last Druid by Natasha Madden (ePUB)

last druid, natasha madden

The Last Druid (Fae Court) by Natasha Madden – Free eBooks Download


In the heart of the ordinary lies the extraordinary.

Everly Baker, a girl thrust into the foster care system at the tender age of five, finds solace amidst the whispering trees and winding trails of the forest. But her world is upended when a fateful hike leads her into the enchanting realm of Faerie, where the rules of reality blur and magic thrums in the air.
Lost in a realm of wonder and danger, Everly discovers that Faerie holds the key to her true belonging. As she navigates this mystical land, her heart and soul awaken to a sense of home she never thought possible. And when she catches the eye of a forbidden prince, the stakes of her journey grow ever higher.
Caught between the allure of her newfound home and the tantalizing pull of forbidden love, Everly must navigate treacherous paths and make choices that will shape the destiny of both worlds. In a realm where nothing is as it seems and danger lurks around every corner, Everly must summon the courage to embrace her destiny and forge her own path in the captivating world of Faerie.

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