The Last Christmas Promise by Francesca Catlow (ePUB)

last christmas promise, francesca catlow

The Last Christmas Promise by Francesca Catlow – Free eBooks Download


What do you do when you can’t have a relationship, but you might have fallen in love?

Félicité hasn’t had time for a relationship since her son was born, deciding to put him above all else in her life. When visiting her grandmother for Christmas in Normandy, Félicité has a chance meeting with Ralph, a semi-famous English foodie. She doesn’t tell him she has a child, and he doesn’t tell her why he hasn’t had a relationship in years. It’s only when Félicité echos a promise Ralph made to his friend one Christmas years before that everything alters, and Ralph’s perspective shifts.
When life pulls the pair apart, Ralph realises he needs to see Félicité again, but all he knows is she visits her grandmother each year before Christmas. Will turning up unexpectedly in Félicité’s life go as planned? Who will make the last Christmas promise, and can they keep it?

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