The Land the Gods Forgot by Sarah Beth (ePUB)

land gods forget, sarah beth

The Land the Gods Forgot by Sarah Beth – Free eBooks Download


In a land locked in war and dark magic, can a love that spans ages be enough to free them all?

When Bria finds strange runes etched into a rock’s surface, she’s transported through time and space to a place where Vikings reign. They call the land Volheimer, where their people have been trapped for hundreds of years. They tell her of a savior, a gift from the gods themselves, that would come to free them. They believe that Bria is that gift. But Bria’s nothing special. She just wants to get back to the twenty-first century.
All Alarik has ever known is blood and death in the never-ending valley he calls home. As the son of a King, he knows what life has in store for him, just as his father and his father before him — until a woman falls from the sky during the Summer Solstice battle. His worst fears come to the forefront when the people see Bria, the prophecized chosen who should end their imprisonment. But nothing good comes from magic or the gods. Especially not a blasted woman.
With no way to get back home, Bria finds friends and love where she never expected to. But with love comes loss and Bria becomes intimately familiar with the dark magic threatening her new family.
Nothing is ever given away in Volheimer without blood. Bria has no choice but to believe in herself long enough to save Alarik from a betrayal he won’t see coming. Even if that means being stuck in the land in the middle forever.

VIKINGS meets NARNIA in this new adult portal fantasy romance full of action, deep friendships, strangers-to-lovers, betrayal, and an impossible HEA.

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