The Lady by Monique Orgeron (ePUB)

lady, monique orgeron

The Lady (Stern’s High Society Duet #1) by Monique Orgeron – Free eBooks Download


My life has always been a game for a foolish circus of clowns.
A chance encounter brings forth hope of putting a stop to my endless cycle on the merry-go-round.
Until he says the one thing I know I should heed, but can’t.
“Do me a favor, Margaret, stay away from men like me, we live two different lives…”
“In two different worlds,” I finished for him.
Truer words have never been spoken.
However, the magnetic pull is too hard to deny. Behind his grey eyes lies something new, something exciting… something dangerous.
And I am in desperate need of a change.
I’m slowly dying inside from the mask I must wear in order to exude perfection.
I’m tired of all the fake smiles on the faces of false friends. I’m tired of all society’s golden rules, and I am done with being used for someone else’s gain.
Something casual is all I ask of him, until my heart demands more.
The stakes are high, and the scandal could ruin me…
But a chance at true happiness for once in my life, makes Marcus worth the risk.

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