The Lady and the Kind Gardener by Alice Kirks (ePUB)

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The Lady and the Kind Gardener by Alice Kirks – Free eBooks Download


Lady Elizabeth Derby has her whole life planned out: marry the Duke of Manchester and have a glittering future amongst the ton. However, everything turns upside down when she pulls a childish prank, taking her younger sister out in the lake on a leaky boat… Luckily for her, she will be rescued by their handsome gardener. Little did she know though that this fateful moment would mark the end of her longed-for betrothal.
When her reputation becomes tarnished, will Elizabeth manage to clear her name and find love against all odds?
What Thomas Bolton, head gardener at the Derby estate, could never expect, is that after rescuing Elizabeth, she would dare to blame him for ruining her life. Despite considering her a spoiled girl, he cannot help but feel charmed by her mesmerising beauty, and he soon finds himself unable to get her out of his mind. However, he knows very well that a union with a lady and a gardener is a hopeless dream, and that forbidden love might be a fruitless battle.
Will Thomas be brave enough to open his heart to Elizabeth defying the social standards?
As the weeks pass, Thomas and Elizabeth are unable to deny the growing feelings for each other. Unfortunately, several hurdles lie in their way, with the biggest one being Elizabeth’s mother and her unbearable expectations. In the end, will Thomas and Elizabeth’s true love bridge any social difference that comes between them? Or will prejudice and family duty succeed in keeping them apart forever?

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