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The Kiss of Goodbye by Samantha Bee – Free eBooks Download


They say every doctor has their one. The one case that follows them for the rest of their lives. The one patient that no matter how hard they try, they just can’t save them. The one that just slips through your fingers. The moment she comes into my ER room, I’m terrified I’ve met my one. Everything in me revolts against that thought. I can’t let her be my one. I can’t watch the life drain out of her. I can’t fail. I can’t let her go. I refuse.
Regrets. I always tried to live with no regrets. Tried to assume everything happened for a reason. You can’t go back and change the past, so why should I dwell on it? Until I felt what true pain was. I’m losing her. The only person to ever get me. She’s fading faster than I can hold on to her. Faster than we can drag her back. Faster than I can comprehend. All that’s left is to drown in my own regrets. My own fears. My own desperate desire to go back and change everything.

I never realized just how much I lied to myself. I thought I was strong and independent. I thought I had it all together. Then, she was ripped away from me. The person who I drew my strength from, the person who held me together. She’s slipping away and I realize how dependent I am on her. Without her I’m just a child, crying in the rain, reaching out for someone to grab my hand. I don’t know who I am without her and I can’t let her go. I need her.
A single moment can alter the path of your life irrefutably. Every plan, hope and dream can go out the window in the blink of an eye. But what if you had a chance to pause that moment? To hold it in your hand and say your goodbyes? What would you say? Who would you choose to get one last kiss goodbye?

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