The King of Sherwood Forest by Harleigh Beck (ePUB)

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The King of Sherwood Forest (The Wolfsheads #1) by Harleigh Beck – Free eBooks Download


Sir Robin of Locksley, the boy with the unruly raven hair and blue eyes, who makes my heart beat faster when he smiles at me. I’m not supposed to yearn for him as I do. I’m betrothed to Sir Guy of Guisborne, one of Robin’s rivals.
Now in my last summer of freedom, we have one final night together to carve memories into our hearts.
But we have an enemy who seeks to tear us apart. With Robin gone, sent to fight in the crusades, he makes his move, making an offer I can’t resist.
Rumors emerge of an outlaw dressed in green, who robs the rich to give to the poor. An outlaw with a chip and a bow on his shoulder; a quiver on his hip and perfect aim.
Robin Hood, the king of Sherwood Forest, is back to seek revenge against the Sheriff of Nottingham.
He’ll stop at nothing to reclaim what was stolen from him. He’s a thief in the night, robbing the rich of their gold. And now he wants all of me. But he hurt me once, and if I don’t guard my heart, he’ll do it again.

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