The Killer’s Vow by Aria R. Blue (ePUB)

killer's vow, aria r blue

The Killer’s Vow (Villains #1) by Aria R. Blue – Free eBooks Download


They say that she’s cursed.
Every man that locks eyes with her meets the strangest death.

The first time I saw her was through the lens of my rifle.
I was sent all the way from Russia to kill Vera Reznikova, the Bratva princess.
She was my exquisite target.
But I knew when I saw her beautiful tormented eyes that I’d end up breaking all of my rules for her.
All I’ve ever been is a businessman and a killer.
And she’s a breath of fresh air. Something wild in this predictable world.
Something about her makes me turn my back on the men who sent me and forget about the consequences.
Her lush body fits right in my hands. Her soft mouth yields to my touch. Her icy eyes submit just for me.
I claim her as mine.
I vow to protect her at all costs.
She has no clue who I really am, but it goes both ways.
And as I uncover her family’s secrets, I learn that there’s a kernel of truth in every rumor.
Even ones about curses.

Author’s Note: There’s something irresistible about the villains, don’t you think? That’s why I dedicated this entire series to the anti-heroes, the outcasts, and the misunderstood. Everybody deserves love, even the bad guys with the good hearts. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and always a happily ever after.

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