The Kaplan Chronicles #4 by H.M. Wolfe (ePUB)

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The Kaplan Chronicles #4 by H.M. Wolfe – Free eBooks Download


After almost a year of absence, Cameron is finally freed from the labyrinth his faceless enemy trapped him in, thirstier of revenge than ever. However, the freedom came at a very high cost, as he is now under the domination of his rescuer, Morris Rockford, who has his own agenda against the Kaplans.
Old Niall is dying, but won’t go down without a fight. Before leaving this world, he is determined to do everything he can to keep the power and most of the wealth in his branch of the family. Everything—even if this means he would team up with Cameron again.
Aidan and Quentin, now his fiancé, helped by the independent journalist Moriarty, continue to dig into the cases of patients who were checked into psychiatric care facilities against their will. During a particular investigation, they unearth Niall’s best kept, darkest secret, which could destroy the whole clan, if exposed.
It is not long before Eoghan finds out about his father’s evil deeds and confronts him. Will he take the step forward and be the leader the clan needs, or is still under Niall’s heel? And, in the middle of all the chaos, will the newly formed couples stand in the face of adversities, or will they drift apart?

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