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The Jeweller (The Ballinger Bastards #3) by Sahara Kelly – Free eBooks Download


Not all priceless gems are flawless…

Dominic Greybrooke, Ballinger bastard and jeweller of growing renown, finds his life drastically altered when he discovers a young woman barely clinging to life on his doorstep. Not what he could have anticipated after an evening out with a friend.
Fragile as the bird she’s named after, Wren is ready to let go of her dismal existence when Dominic steps in and changes everything. She never expected to be rescued, let alone cared for, since her social status is less than the humblest beggar in London.
With one shocking and impulsive decision, the stage is set for a surprising journey as Dominic and Wren tentatively navigate the affluent world of country houses and elegant parlours. However, wickedness lurks everywhere—even in the heights of refinement—and Wren’s unusual gift for detail reveals a despicable plot.
Returning to London brings more surprises—this time in the high-flying world of the Ton. They know they must act, but will they risk what they’re just discovering to do the right thing? It all leads to the most important question of all. Can they let go of their pasts and find a new future together?

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