The Inn at Coral Bay: Caroline by Evelyn Parkes (ePUB)

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The Inn at Coral Bay: Caroline (Winter Sisters #3) by Evelyn Parkes – Free eBooks Download


Caroline is grieving from her recent break up with her unfaithful fiancé.
Sean is fed up with the superficial women he seems to attract and has given up on dating.
Returning home for the first time in months after attending her father’s funeral and looking after her mother, Caroline is looking forward to a long-awaited reunion with her Fiance. Walking in on what she had hoped would be a romantic night with her partner, she instead finds him with another woman. Heartbroken, she returns home to be with her family.
At the end of one of the worst days of her life there’s one little ray of light, she receives an email about a job at the new gym in town owned by her old high school crush, Sean.
The last thing Sean is looking for is a relationship.
Tired of attracting the wrong type of women, he has decided to put all his focus on his new business venture.
But when he hired Caroline he wasn’t expecting to be so attracted to her quiet strength and determination.
Can Sean heal Caroline’s broken heart and make her realise she’s worth loving?
Will Caroline show Sean there is still people worth falling in love with in the world?

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