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hunter, marie robinson

The Hunter (The Dark Talons #2) by Marie Robinson – Free eBooks Download


To survive, I must work with the famed Talon hunter who ripped out my heart.
Ten years ago, Gavret “The Hunter” Talon broke my heart and turned our families against one another. His perfect face and bedroom eyes make my heart race, and I want to slap the sinful smirk off him.
Except now he’s the only one who can hunt the evil threatening me.
An ancient maji desires me as his bride, and he’s carving a path of death towards me. If we don’t stop him, the maji will use me to take over the fae and mortal realms.
When our heated fights turn into heated touches, I know I have to protect my heart. Gavret leaves me breathless, and his eyes spark a desire as wild as him within me. While his darkness might keep me safe from the maji, what will keep me safe from him?
But when victory comes with a devastating price, I must choose. I can protect my peopleā€¦ or save the life of a man that will never be mine.

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