The House Of Grief by Cyran Faringray (ePUB)

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The House Of Grief (A Toll Of Flesh Novella #2) by Cyran Faringray – Free eBooks Download


8 years ago, my stepbrothers disappeared.

In a world that left us for dead from the day we were born, Cynthian and Elias were my sanctuary amidst life’s cruel chaos.
Without them, I am haunted.
They are the lost specters wandering the corridors of my mind. Their phantom touches linger on my soul, the scorching brand of their love seared into my skin.
I can’t let them go.
I will never know peace until I discover what happened to them.
Now finally reunited, our freedom and our lives hang in the balance, trapped in a deadly game.
My stepbrothers have changed, but so have I. The once-tender threads of affection connecting our hearts have been forged into iron chains.
The innocence of our younger years has been lost, warped into something sinister and pitch-black.
I’m afraid, yet I can’t stop wanting them. And it seems after years of secret pining in my youth, Cyn and Eli want me, too.
But am I truly ready to become their plaything and satisfy the dangerous urges of my villainous stepbrothers?

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