The Hotshot vs The Reporter by Nicole Dykes (ePUB)

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The Hotshot vs The Reporter (On The Track #2) by Nicole Dykes – Free eBooks Download


I’m the hotshot—both on and off the track. I know how to work the crowd and show off. And I’m good at it.
I’ve had to become very effective at putting on a show.
But my agent is not a fan of my over-the-top antics. So she did something I still can’t believe . . .
She called in the press—the media. Specifically, the reporter who hates everything I stand for. And now, he’s tasked with showing the world a different side of me.
Yeah . . . Good luck with that.

I’m a sports reporter, but I’m so much more than that.
My social media following has allowed me to be more. To do more. To try and help my corner of the world do better and be better.
I believe in accountability. I believe in integrity. And that sports professionals are obligated to be a moral compass to their fans.
I’m loud and outspoken about that point. Maybe more so with Royal Dutton—the loudmouth, crude racer with absolutely no morals.
And now, I’m supposed to find the redeeming side of him. I took this job to find something deeper within him. The good guy inside.
Yeah . . . This is going to be impossible.

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