The Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to Avoiding Love by Jolie Harris (ePUB)

hopeless romatic's guide, jolie harris

The Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to Avoiding Love by Jolie Harris – Free eBooks Download


Love. It’s a fantasy—and she’s determined to give it up. But one more sexy fling won’t hurt… will it?

From weekends spent devouring steamy romance novels to her day job planning other people’s dream weddings, Sylvie Hanson lives for love. That all changes when her comically disastrous love life goes up in flames, forcing Sylvie to swear off lustful impulses and fairytale romance for good. So when Woods Callahan, the man of her literal dreams, seduces her at a wedding, she should chalk it up to nothing but sexual tension. Right?
After a few steamy hookups and a trip to his family’s lavish estate, Sylvie can’t help but fall fast and hard in love—hey, maybe things will work out for her this time! That is, until she finds out Woods is moving away in a matter of weeks, which will mean mending her broken heart once again.

Should Sylvie leave behind her hopeless romantic ideals and resist the irresistible Woods Callahan, or is their incredible physical connection worth one last sex-filled love affair?

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  • The Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to Avoiding Love – Jolie Harris ePUB



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