The Highlander’s French Bride by Cathy MacRae (ePUB)

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The Highlander’s French Bride (The Highlander’s Bride #5) by Cathy MacRae – Free eBooks Download


He’s been imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Can a beautiful French woman save his life—and his heart?

Driven to prove his worth fighting the English on the battlefields of France, Kinnon’s dreams of heroic valor are destroyed by the atrocities of war. Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit leaves him longing for the one thing of beauty in his war-torn life—a young woman named Melisende.
Melisende struggles to stay one step ahead of soldiers who would imprison her for helping an injured Scotsman wrongly accused of treason. She finds refuge in her uncle’s shop—until a chance encounter with authorities sends her fleeing once again, haunted by the beguiling friendship with the troubled Scot she is certain she’ll never see again.
Released from his chains, Kinnon returns to Scotland, but is unable to forget the Frenchwoman he left behind. Will a reunion open the doors to passion and love? Or will half-truths and lies from the past destroy the one thing they are both willing to fight for?

The Highlander’s French Bride is the battlefield romance between a rugged Scotsman and a beautiful French woman. If you like passionate love stories with a fascinating blend of history and fiction, you’ll love this heartfelt romance by Cathy MacRae.
In this story, you’ll find a war-hero of France, a wee lass named Gilda and her orange kitten, and an enormous dog named Jean-Baptiste.

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