The High Life by Helen Bridgett (ePUB)

high life, helen bridgett

The High Life (The Mercury Travel Club #3) by Helen Bridgett – Free eBooks Download


Please note this book is a completely revised edition of The Heat is On.

Is the sun setting on the Mercury Travel Club?
Angie Shepherd is famous for finding fantastic travel destinations for her clients, offering the best culture, food, sun and sea.
Business is going swimmingly.
Until a new rival, Lorenzo, opens a travel agency opposite Angie’s beloved Mercury Travel Club. And he’s playing dirty in his bid to steal their clients.
There is nothing he won’t do to drive them out of business.
Desperate to save the Mercury Travel Club, Angie and her best friend Patty embrace their inner Thelma and Louise to test out a new road trip through beautiful Scotland.
From gorgeous beaches, to luxurious lodges — even a library hidden in the woods — they’ve found the idyllic destination.

Will the highlands of Scotland be enough to save everything Angie has built? Or has the Mercury Travel Club reached the end of the road?

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