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hideaway, stephanie taylor

The Hideaway (Shipwreck Key #4) by Stephanie Taylor – Free eBooks Download


A Secret Service agent devotes his life to protecting the people he serves…until one day he realizes that the person who needs protecting is him.

Henry Banks is a former Marine, a career Secret Service agent, and the only man allowed into the Shipwreck Key book club full of women. He’s like a handsome brick wall who doesn’t show emotion, but he’s finally let his guard down—just a little bit—to let Sunday Bond in. Banks and the former Second Lady have been dating for a few months, but now that they’re in their fifties and both divorced once, the dating dance has become more complicated.

Part of Banks’s impenetrable fortress is from his years protecting the President and First Family, but another part of it stems from his days as a Marine in combat. Like so many people who have served, Banks is haunted by the memories of the horrors he’s seen, the places he’s been, and the things he’s done. But now that he’s found someone he truly cares about, Banks is finally ready to open his heart and be the kind of man who shares his emotions, his fears, and his life.

In addition to his budding relationship with Sunday, Banks is still officially charged with guarding Ruby Hudson, former First Lady and owner of Shipwreck Key’s only bookstore. As Ruby grows more comfortable on the island and less dependent on Banks for protection, he burrows deeper into his life there, determined to spend the rest of his days as a Secret Service agent posted right there on Shipwreck Key. But it’s not just that he wants to be close to Sunday—Banks’s platonic friendship with Ruby and his deep devotion to her as a First Lady are important cornerstones of his life; he can’t even imagine doing anything else.

As Banks is easing into this phase of his life, he discovers that matters of the heart don’t abide by the same formal rules as the Marines or the Secret Service; when it comes to love, he’ll have to leap first and look later. But can he trust Sunday to be the one who helps him heal his old wounds? And can he count on Ruby for emotional support the same way she’s counted on him for protection all these years?

When the lines between duty and friendship—between love and honor—become blurred, can a hardened Marine count on the women in his life to save him?

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