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The Healer (The Dregs #3) by Leslie Georgeson – Free eBooks Download


Violence has been a part of my life since my early teens. But I’m a peacemaker at heart. I fix things. I heal the wounded.

Being a dreg means I’ve spent most of my life as a prisoner, a soldier for The Company doing despicable things. I can’t change the past or what I’ve done. But I can control who I am today.

I’ve always followed the rules. Always. Until the one time I didn’t.

I gave my phone number to a complete stranger. I broke a rule that would prove detrimental to my safety and the safety of my dreg brothers. I thought I was just helping a woman in need. I didn’t even consider the consequences of that action.

And now the dominoes are falling, one by one…

For her, I would break the rules. For her, I wanted to be a hero. To change the world. But being a hero comes at a cost. The price I might pay for that heroism could mean the end for me.

Am I willing to risk it all for a woman who could ruin me and everything I believe in?

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