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The Hawthorne’s Girl (Now Entering Hillford #5) by Piper Lennox – Free eBooks Download


The first time I met Gentry Hawthorne, there weren’t sparks flying. No silly fantasies, no lust. I was in love, plain and simple.
With his little brother.
I’m Caroline: the girl Hillford still whispers about.
Being a teen mom garners enough rumors and stares. Add in a car accident that claims the life of your fiancé and father of your child, and…yeah: your name’s never leaving their lips.
Five years ago, the Hawthornes packed up and left town before Bennett’s grave could sprout one blade of grass. Not that I blame them. Much.
Then his brother Gentry turns up on my doorstep, saying he wants to know his nephew.
He wants to know me.
Now the town’s got something new to talk about: rumor has it I’m dating another Hawthorne. That I love how much he loves my son. That I’m falling for him, one starry night at a time.
But that’s all it is: a rumor.
And there’s no way in hell I’m letting it come true.

From the moment we met, I knew Caroline McLean was damn near perfect for me.
The second moment: I knew she was one-hundred percent off-limits.
Neither fact has changed. Returning to Hillford isn’t about Caroline, though—it’s a mission. Cathartic. A journey to ease some of this guilt for abandoning my brother’s kid.
But the longer I’m here, the more I realize the kid’s not the one who needs me. As hard as it was to look at him and see my brother’s face…he’s not the reason I left.
It was her. I couldn’t trust myself to stay away.
Turns out that hasn’t changed, either.

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