The Harem by M.H. Silver (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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The Harem by M.H. Silver – Free eBooks Download


Lust. Love. One omega, the three men who want him in their beds. And a spell so dangerous it might kill them all.

Elliot is an omega working with three powerful men. His skills make him invaluable to creating powerful spells. The men he works for want to take down the Order, the organization that betrayed them. With their abilities put together they just might pull it off.
Sweet and wicked Jacob, brimming with magic that draws Elliot to his bed.
Refined and intelligent Taryn, who shows him what it means to make love.
And enigmatic Matthias, destroyer of all he touches—including, maybe, Elliot.
Every moment he spends with them only increases his desire.
Together, they’re powerful beyond all measure. And their plan to destroy the Order just might work.
Elliot said yes for the money, but now he’s in over his head. It turns out that when you sleep with three powerful men—you just might wind up pregnant.
Getting out alive will take everything they’ve got. Elliot swears to protect all of the men he loves—and in doing so, bargains with his child’s future.

Because the only thing more powerful than all of them is the baby he carries…

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