The Guy Who Stole My Ranch by Karly Stratford (ePUB)

guy stole ranch, karly startford

The Guy Who Stole My Ranch (Curvy Girl Crew #6) by Karly Stratford – Free eBooks Download


Not only do I detest billionaire William Harris, but now the scoundrel is trying to buy my ranch.
Well, it’s not quite my ranch yet, but it should be. Why my dad decides to sell to William instead of letting me inherit it is a mystery, but my dad won’t budge, so I’m going to have to take drastic action.
My bet is that William’s delicate hands haven’t done a single day of hard labor, so when he asks me to train him on how things run, I decide to work him to death or die trying!
Unfortunately, William is more resilient than I anticipated. Not only does he muck out a horse stall faster than me (I have a literal tiara proving that I am the queen of mucking), but he’s a hard worker, he asks intelligent questions, he’s polite, and worst of all, he’s looking at me like I mean something.
Oh no you don’t, Mr. Harris. Billionaires don’t look at curvy girls like that.
Move along, darlin’. We’re enemies until you get your hands off my ranch.

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