The Guy Who Ghosted Me by Karly Stratford (ePUB)

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The Guy Who Ghosted Me (Curvy Girl Crew #2) by Karly Stratford – Free eBooks Download


All I need is time in a studio to blow some glass.
How could I know the owner was the guy who ghosted me after one date?
Not that I’d thought about our date much over the past three years. Or the perfect kiss we’d shared before we’d parted. Or the fact that Ryan had been the only guy who’d accepted me as I was, curves and all.
Nope. None of that had crossed my mind. At. All.
I was over it.
Until Ryan offers me a killer discount on the studio time…if I’d go on three dates with him.
It’s hard to resist a deal like that, especially when I find out he ghosted me because on the way home from our date he literally dropped his whole life, including his phone, to go to New York and take care of his sister and her kids after a terrible car accident.
Ryan needs someone to double with so he can vet the guys his sister is going out with.
I can be that someone. Just three little dates. No strings attached. Killer deal on studio time.
It’ll be easy to ignore Ryan’s confidence, his charm, and the way he always seems to be there when I need him.
But can he handle the trauma my ex left me with? When it rears its ugly head, will Ryan stand by me, or will he bolt like any sane man should?

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