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guilty vow, aida leonardo

The Guilty Vow by A.P. Leonardo – Free eBooks Download


“Don’t give me your heart, Leah. I don’t know what to do with it.”
“That’s what you want, isn’t it? Me hating you,” I sneered at him as I struggled to breathe through my tears. “So that you don’t have to feel bad about not loving me.”

I was on the path of self-discovery.
He was searching for redemption.
Love was the gift that will save us both, or so I thought.
We married. He was my home, but I was a hotel room, his temporary shelter. To him, I was just a part of the deal meant to grant him salvation.
As we tend to the growing love between us, the thorn of our pasts keeps creeping in, and soon enough, it will strangle us both.

I thought I was going to marry a compliant girl with no demand of love or wish of forever. What I got instead was a captivating woman who activates my heart with a smile.
The flood of love is inescapable, and I am not ready to drown in it. There are sins I need to atone for, promises I have to fulfil. But Is the promise of the past worth more than the vow of forever?

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