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I grew up thinking that my mother was a groupie who didn’t want me. It wasn’t much different that the home I grew up in where my rock star father and his wife didn’t want me either. At least they let me stick around, even if that’s all they managed.
Everything I thought I knew about my mother was a lie. The rest was still true. After nearly dying, blowing up my family’s unsavory secrets in public, and running away to hang out with an up-and-coming band, you would think life couldn’t get more eventful for me.
You would be wrong.
Life on the road was supposed to be about disappearing. Instead, I found myself and something else too. I found love and acceptance and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

*NOTE: The Groupie Journal was originally a KV story and is now being published as a full-length rock star romance novel with some bonus material added!

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