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The Groom’s Ex by Faye Larson – Free eBooks Download


In a romantic story, Brice Larson would be the villain. He’s the hero’s former lover, a handsome and driven man who put his career ahead of his partner. Now that his former lover, Gary, is about to be married, Brice should be swooping in, hoping to tear him away from the sweet and cute boy next door.

The thing is, Brice isn’t that guy. Yes, he put his career first, but he wishes Gary and his fiancĂ©, Caleb, the best. When Caleb’s brother, Addison, shows up and is awful to them, Brice steps in. Gary’s his friend. No one treats his friends like that.

Addison, though, respects friendship. Like Brice, he’s driven and put his career ahead of other people. When the two talk, they find they click. They’re both ambitious, driven, and, at the end of the day, alone. To their surprise, they’re attracted to one another. In a story, the two of them would be the villains. Once they met, they’d fall in love and take over the world together.

Every bad guy has a moral, though. A line they won’t cross, a person they won’t endanger. When Brice discovers that Addison cannot move past that, he has to decide between his friends and the potential partner of his bad guy dreams.

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